For the children who will open up the future

There are many things I would like to convey to my children through my own experience. A sense of excitement and accomplishment that will also be overwhelmed by people. It is a happy time to make friends. Some technical points about myself by trying hard repeatedly, children want to experience in growing up as a person, etc. It is a big thing that I think will be a wonderful asset for the child. Thanks to the efforts of many people, “Galaxy Forest Kikuku also Performing Arts Theater” was created in the Wakayama area, and thanks to the realization of a place where children can experience many valuable experiences, I own it as well. I would like to help you grow with the children as much as possible through the growing world of performing arts.

General producer
Lyra Amato(Former Takarazuka Opera)
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"GINGANOMORI" Kinokuni Children's Performing Arts TheaterThank you for your support

Masahiko Yamada
"Gallery Forest" leader of children's performing arts theater

Speaking of the environment surrounding children, bullying, abuse, school refusal, withdrawal, and class collapse events and events that could not have been considered in the common sense up to now, occur in familiar places every day. In such times, children experience various inspiring experiences through artistic experiences. Under such circumstances, I understand my role in the community and the relationship with everyone, and I will grow. I strongly believe that the mission of adults is to create such a "life experience" and create a place where children can grow in a rich heart.

Noriko Yamagami
Lyra Creative Art School, head teacher

The reason for the establishment of the theater company is "Children's Musical", which has been produced independently and has been performed as a youth sound development project since 2017, and companies in Wakayama Prefecture and support for the premiere of "Kukai" in 2018. All the members of the school have established the "Gallery Forest Children's Performing Arts Foundation Promotion Association" for the purpose of fostering children. Thanks to the kindness of this kind of many, children of Wakayama will be able to learn the performing arts firmly in local Wakayama and to be proud to be born and raised in Wakayama. In addition, I would like to participate in the work of this theater company for children in other prefectures, wish to grow greatly together, and strive to foster as many children as possible from now on.